a love story documented is forever...

It started as a simple idea, but then we asked, What if?

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Is to photograph 15 - 25 AMAZING married couples. Along the way we will interview, photograph, and film each couple in hopes of learning how they have made their marriages and their lives AMAZING. We want to hear the love stories and learn from the good and the not so good moments. In the end, we plan to compile the knowledge we learn to help as many couples as possible have a truly AMAZING marriage full of unconditional love!


- 15 to 25 Couples who have been married from 1 day to 100 years (AMAZING, right?)
- Couples that choose love and happiness above all else
- Couples that have faced hard times and have chosen to grow stronger from those challenges
- Couples who are eager to share their stories in hopes to help others have a better marriage


Each couple chosen will be contacted via email to setup the details, dates, and times of the photo session and interview. Each couple photographed will be given high resolution digital images from their session. All sessions will be photographed at no cost to the couples. If you are inspired by this idea and are interested in learning how you can help, send us an email to

We aim to document and discover the beauty of an AMAZING marriage full of unconditional love and share that beauty with the world!