Life Escape-About
Life Escape-About

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Escape the everyday craziness of life with this 3 night - 4 day getaway.

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It is our dream to create an experience where couples can come together and celebrate the AMAZINGNESS that surrounds them daily! This 3 night - 4 day escape is designed to give couples permission to get away from the craziness of their lives and soak in each other! Between breakfast in bed, AMAZING Life Inspired Sessions, a cooking class to enjoy cooking together, a mini photo session with Liz and Ryan, and many other super fun experiences, there will be plenty of additional time to just relax and soak in the AMAZINGNESS of life!

With just enough space for 7 couples, this escape is designed to bring couples together who love life and are excited to soak in every minute of every day! We hope to bring couples together who are meant to meet each other and will be able to be a constant accountability partner when the craziness of life creeps in! We know that life can get busy and be crazy hard at times, but what is most important is usually right by your side in your partner! That unconditional love is something special and it is our dream to help people recognize the beauty in that!

Escape the everyday craziness of life with the one you love during this 3 night - 4 day getaway in the Breathtaking Mountains of Maine!