a love story documented is forever...

It started as a simple idea, but then we asked, What if?

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* Photos above from a lifestyled 1 year anniversary session we did with our amazing friends and awesome couple Lindsley and Jeff while we were in Paris

And then we thought, What if we asked for your help? What if YOU nominated the couples that inspire you and we photographed those that you nominated? What if we did this together with a shared purpose of creating more AMAZING marriages?

Quickly our idea turned into an AMAZING passion. What if we could document the stories of couples that have an AMAZING marriage? What if we could help others learn from their successes and inspire every couple to create their own AMAZING marriage?

Like most ideas, we didn't give it much thought. But as the days passed, our desire to photograph more married couples that are passionately in love grew stronger. And then we thought, What if we could turn this idea into something more?

It started just like any other idea, a spark of imagination. What if we could figure out a way to photograph more married couples and provide AMAZING images of their love?